Personal Injury

Automobile Accidents

The firm has extensive experience handing automobile injury claims including but not limited to automobile versus automobile as well as automobile versus pedestrian personal injury claims. The law firm has handled a number of these claims through trial and appeal, obtaining favorable jury verdicts on behalf of its clients in cases involving brain injuries, orthopedic spine injuries, drunk driving claims and other significant personal injury matters arising out of motor vehicle use.

Premises Liability

The firm has handled premises liability claims in cases involving trap conditions, slip and falls, trip and falls and real property structural deficiencies causing injury. The firm utilizes an approach to these claims balancing the costs of litigation against the exposure to the client and utilizes biomechanical, medical and other scientific analysis in the presentation of the client’s case.

Wrongful Death

The firm has very significant experience both defending and prosecuting wrongful death actions. Whether representing a defendant in a wrongful death or the family of a decedent, the same careful, professional approach is applied to obtain the best possible result for our client. The cases involving wrongful death have included premises liability for a minor falling more than 100 feet in an abandoned commercial yard to a truck tire repair person run over by a driver in a construction yard to persons killed in motor vehicle accidents or in nursing homes.

Mass-Tort Cases

The firm has defended key players in nationwide class-action lawsuits and cases not class-certified involving upwards of 100 plaintiffs. These cases include personal injury claims arising out of nail salon mycobacterial skin infections to skin burns from chemical exposure from shampoos. In terms of property damage cases, the firm represented a key player in the “Polybutelene Pipe” litigation throughout the country. While the firm is small to medium sized by Sacramento standards, it is particularly adept at handling large cases through trial and appeal.

Representative Matters