Business Litigation

Contractual Disputes

Business relationships are often defined by contracts. When parties to a business transaction fail to abide by the terms of their agreement, the firm can effectively enforce the agreement to bring the parties back to the business table. Additionally, the firm can defend business contract disputes, through trial if necessary, providing a cost effective and aggressive approach to protect the client’s bottom line. These disputes include purchase agreements, supply agreements, vendor agreements and the like.

Executive Contracts and Trade Secret Litigation

The firm has experience drafting and enforcing executive contracts including non-compete, non-solicitation and deferred compensation as well as severance packages. In the course of enforcing these agreements, the firm has experience obtaining temporary restraining orders and permanent injunctions as well as defending against these types of claims. Avoiding theft of a business’s confidential trade information and seeking injunctive relief and money damages when necessary are hallmarks of our business practice.

Contract Drafting

The firm has experience drafting public and private contracts for employment, real estate transactions, construction contracts and bid packages. From the firm’s litigation experience, insight has been gained to help contracting parties avoid litigation pitfalls as well as to position the contract for the best potential for success, and if there is a breach, for the best potential resolution for the client.

Representative Matters