Employment Litigation & Investigations

Discrimination/Harassment/Wrongful Termination Litigation

Representation of parties in age, disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, national origin, disability discrimination claims as well as sexual harassment and hostile work environment claims. The firm has handled these matters through summary judgment, jury trial and appeal throughout the courts of the State of California.

ADA Claims

Evaluation of ADA claims, accommodation and counseling for employers and employees regarding same. The firm has significant experience with ADA claims as large as school district-wide allegations of non-conformance to handling allegations against “Mom and Pop” businesses. The scope of experience ranges from physical barrier claims to health benefits provided to employees and workplace accommodation. Not only does the firm offer consultation and advice, but representation in litigation if necessary.

Wage and Hour Claims

Defense of employers in labor code wage and hour claims including claims for overtime, exempt versus non-exempt employees as well as waiting time, break time and meal/break penalties. These actions have been defended at the Labor Commission hearing level as well as appeals from those awards to Superior Court level.

Employment Counseling

In addition to litigation services, the firm counsels employers in the day to day management of personnel issues to avoid litigation. This counseling includes review and evaluation of workplace policies, procedures and manuals, advisory opinions regarding workplace problems, discipline and potential termination, and investigating potential whistleblower claims. The breadth of employment counseling services is as broad as the client’s needs dictate, and the firm has consistently helped employer clients avoid or minimize litigation exposure saving the company time, energy and money in the process.

Workplace Investigations

Neutral and thorough workplace investigations of claims including but not limited to discrimination based on age, disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion and/or national origin as well as alleged sexual or other harassment claims. The results of the investigation are a thorough, objective and non-biased report regarding the investigation and its conclusions or findings.

Representative Matters